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Dr. Joshua Sleeper, St. Tammany Health System Urologist, joins Melissa Hodgson to discuss how UroNav, STHS’s new MR/Ultrasound guided fusion biopsy system, is being used for better cancer detection.

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Dr. Sunil Purohit of Louisiana Healthcare Associates Urology Division is a leading urologist in the North Shore area who specializes in minimally invasive robotic surgery. He adopted this technique early on, bringing robotic surgery to St. Tammany Health System 2 decades ago!

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Dr. Jack Saux, medical oncologist with Northshore Oncology Associates, and Dr. Sunil Purohit, urologist with Purohit Urology, stopped by for our latest Healthy Living show on Access Channel 10 to give you all you need to know about prostate cancer, including cutting-edge treatment options available at STPH.

If you are having early signs of starting or keeping your erection or if you are currently taking medications for your erectile dysfunction, COREWAVE™ Therapy may be for you. COREWAVE™ Therapy is a simple in-office procedure and it does not require surgery or medication. It is a safe natural solution that can lead to a healthier, stronger and more satisfying erection.

Evidence suggests that breakdowns in the bladder-brain communication pathway are the root cause of OAB and non-obstructive urinary retention.While other therapies focus on the bladder muscles, Medtronic therapies target the nerves, which is thought to help restore normal bladder function.

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