InterStim Treatment for Urinary Incontinence in Covington, LA

Bladder control problems affect millions of Americans. If you’re one of them, you know how these conditions, like overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary retention, can interrupt your life. For those who suffer from overactive bladder, urinary incontinence and urge incontinence, InterStim may be an effective, long-term treatment solution. This procedure is typically performed when exercises, behavioral modifications and medication aren’t treating symptoms. The goal of this procedure is to reduce how often women have incontinence and lessen the urge and frequency of trips to the bathroom. The device is discrete, attached underneath the skin and side effects are uncommon.

The board-certified urologists at Louisiana Healthcare Associates Urology provide InterStim as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence at our office in Covington, Louisiana. Learn more about the InterStim and call (985) 892-6811 to schedule your appointment today.

How InterStim Works

The InterStim procedure helps correct the miscommunication between the brain and the bladder and/or bowels. A small device that is attached underneath the skin in the buttocks delivers mild electrical pulses to the bladder via a wire attached to the sacral nerve. The sacral nerve plays an integral role in communication between the brain and the bladder. It helps regulate how much urine is stored and when it should be emptied.

Is InterStim Right for Me?

InterStim therapy is performed in two parts. First, there is an evaluation period, during which we will determine if this is an effective form of treatment for the patient’s symptoms. Instead of undergoing surgery to place the neurostimulator under the skin, the temporary device and will attach to your waistband. If symptoms show improvement after a pre-designated amount of time, long-term treatment will be recommended.

The second step is a long-term treatment. Once Dr. Sunil Purohit and the patient confirm that this form of treatment is effective and comfortable, a minimally invasive procedure will be performed to put the device underneath the skin.

InterStim is covered by Medicare as well as many other major insurance companies. If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a consultation, please call Louisiana Healthcare Associates Urology at (985) 892-6811 or request a consultation online.

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