Three Frequently Asked COREWAVE™ Therapy Questions

As a new solution for erectile dysfunction, it’s natural that men would have questions about COREWAVE™ Therapy and how it works. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that Covington, LA men have about COREWAVE™ Therapy.

COREWAVE Therapy logoHow Likely will COREWAVE™ Therapy Work?

According to studies on low-intensity wave therapy, there is up to a 70% rate of success on selected men that undergo treatment. The best results are from men that have either mild or moderate erectile dysfunction.* This means that COREWAVE™ Therapy works on men who are on pills or when pills no longer work.

Low-intensity wave therapy has been shown to convert men who no longer respond to oral medication to respond again. It can also strengthen the erections of men who have the beginning signs of erectile dysfunction and allows men to stop taking their oral medication. Low-intensity wave therapy can also help strengthen erections in men who are using injection therapy.*

Does COREWAVE™ Therapy Hurt?

Unlike some traditional low-intensity wave therapy, the acoustic COREWAVE™ Therapy is painless.* There may be a sense of tingling in your penis during treatment.

How safe is COREWAVE™ Therapy?

The low-intensity acoustic waves that COREWAVE™ Therapy uses have been utilized worldwide to treat thousands of men in cardiology, orthopedics, and urology, with a long safety record. As with any treatment, there are some risks, but they are rare.*

*Individual results may vary.

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